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Lynn Madeley CEO, Havas Southern Africa
Lynn Madeley CEO, Havas Southern Africa

Lynn Madeley

Lynn Madeley is the Havas Southern Africa Chief Executive Officer.

Madeley is a market specialist working in the advertising and marketing field across Africa.

She has worked in London, in Asia while based in Hong Kong and currently in Africa based in South Africa.
Madeley has significant experience in bringing global standards to local businesses.

She has a genuine desire to fulfil the potential in the people, clients and brands she works with, which allows her to create a positive energy in a demanding environment.

Currently responsible for all the Havas companies for Southern Africa including traditional, digital, media and public relations

Ivan Moroke CEO, CoCurrency
Ivan Moroke CEO, CoCurrency

Ivan Moroke started his formal career in marketing at the coal face of the discipline – direct selling.

In his case, selling cigarettes for British American Tabacco in the rural areas of the North West Province.

He proceeded to hold various leadership roles across the entire marketing value chain at the company.

He then joined Added Value SA, a global insight and brand consultancy, as a Project Director and then moved to Lowe Bull, the creative advertising agency as a Strategy Director.

He later left the agency as a Managing Director to head up Yellowwood brand consultancy whereafter he moved back into the advertising space as group Managing Director of TBWA Hunt Lascaris.

He recently left the agency as CEO to start up Co-Currency, a marketing insight and strategy consultancy.

Morake served as the Chairperson of Brand Council South Africa (BCSA) from 2014 to 2015.

He is currently a Director for the BCSA and the Chairperson of APEX Effective Advertising Awards.

Eoin Welsh Chief Creative Officer, Havas Johannesburg
Eoin Welsh Chief Creative Officer, Havas Johannesburg

Eoin Welsh

Eoin Welsh is the Havas Johannesburg Chief Creative Officer.

Welsh, born in Ireland and raised in South Africa, first drifted into advertising after an obligatory two-year stint in the army. An army friend said his wife was a copywriter, and it was easy money.

After three years of writing property ads, office toilet supply brochures and a host of other projects, Welsh joined Young & Rubicam as a junior writer and left as a creative group head.

He later joined Ogilvy and Draft FCB, where he spent many happy years, the final two of them as Executive Creative Director of the Johannesburg main office.

The opportunity arose to co-found a Johannesburg office for independent Cape Town agency King James.

In four years he took the agency from 4 people, one small account and a mobile phone, to almost 30 people, 15 accounts (including blue chip accounts such as BMW Mini and Deloitte) and quite a few mobile phones.

Welsh ran his own business and was later lured back into the agency world by Lowe Worldwide Johannesburg.

He later joined Lowe Prague as an Executive Creative Director.

Lou Boxall-Davies Chief Strategic Officer. Havas Johannesburg
Lou Boxall-Davies Chief Strategic Officer. Havas Johannesburg

Lou Boxall-Davies

Lou Boxall-Davies is the Havas Johannesburg Chief Strategy Officer.

After graduating with an Honours degree in Economics, she spent seven years as a management consultant specialising in business strategy, business process re-engineering and scenario planning.

In 1997, Boxall-Davies left consulting to complete an MBA at the UCT Graduate School of Business.

She joined the advertising industry in 1998 and has worked with many of South Africa’s top agencies including TBWA, Ogilvy, JWT and MorrisJones, helping to solve brand, marketing and communication challenges for a variety of businesses in industries as diverse as FMCG, IT, health and wellness, fuel and lubricants, fitness, financial services, travel and tourism, automotive and fast food.

Finally, before joining Havas in 2015, Boxall-Davies spent time on the client side at Famous Brands and running her own strategy consulting business.

She has judged the APEX awards three times and has won three medals.

Beverley Jones Client Service Director, Havas Johannesburg
Beverley Jones Client Service Director, Havas Johannesburg

Beverley Jones

Beverley Jones joined Havas Worldwide in January 2014 as Business Unit Director.

Beverley has been in the communication arena for over 26 years both on the Advertising and Client side. Beverley has vast experience in running local and multi-national pieces of business as well as the management of agencies and staff.

Prior to joining Havas Worldwide, Beverley headed up the portfolio consisting of Renault and the L’Oreal business at Publicis as well as handling all Client contract and fee negotiations. Beverley’s tenure at TBWA/Tequila was focussed on repositioning the agency from a TTL offering to a purely digital offering.

Whilst on the Client side, working at MTN, one of Beverley’s notable contributions was launching “Pay as you Go” – a first into the South African market.

Beverley’s passion lies in partnering with Clients to ensure that they achieve their communication objectives.

Melissa Read Managing Director, Havas Media
Melissa Read Managing Director, Havas Media

Melissa Read

Melissa has had 29 years of media planning, buying and implementation across most spectrums of the industry, ranging from FMCG to large brand such as Coca Cola Africa. Melissa has been a board director of the largest media agencies in South Africa and has a propensity to work to under pressure, however produce insights and media plans that have a creative flair with the lowest possible prices.

Chris Verrijdt Managing Director, Havas PR
Chris Verrijdt Managing Director, Havas PR

Chris Verrijdt

Chris Verrijdt is the Head of PR for Havas in South Africa.

Verrijdt has started managing teams throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

A PR professional through and through he started talking at a young age and hasn’t stopped since.

His innate talent for “getting people excited about stuff” has seen him work with a number of international and local listed and unlisted companies both here and abroad and is constantly looking for innovative, efficient and creative ways of doing things better.

In his spare time, usually between 11pm and 4am he is on the board of the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (PRISA) and his biggest claim to fame is getting 350 million people across the globe to learn about the Jozi Cats – Africa’s first gay and inclusive rugby club.

He is survived, by a father, a mother, a brother and a significant other.

Pieter Goiris CEO, Havas Boondoggle
Pieter Goiris CEO, Havas Boondoggle

Pieter Goiris (44) is co-founder of Boondoggle, full service marketing & communication agency and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Boondoggle.

He holds a Master Degree in Organizational Psychology from the KU Leuven.

While holding this position, he grew Boondoggle towards a leading advertising & communication agency with offices in Leuven & Amsterdam.

Boondoggle joined the Havas Group in 2012.

Currently Boondoggle has a team of about 115 people, with a revenue exceeding 12 million.

Boondoggle won over 12 Lions in Cannes and still is one of the most creative agencies in continental Europe.

Currently Goiris is starting up an exiting new venture together with Havas Johannesburg, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Further more,Goiris  is very active and board member in several organizations that support the development of the marketing communications industry, such the Association of Communication Companies (ACC) of which he is President.

Next to the professional communication industry, Goiris is also President of the board of two leading organizations in the Belgian Music Industry, being Poppunt in Brussels – advice, content, projects & services and the concert venue Het Depot in Leuven.

Together with some friends, Pieter is also developed a creative real estate project in the oldest brewery of Stella Artois. This ‘creative minds’ project became the hart of creativity in Leuven. (www.dehoorn.eu)

For more information on Boondoggle log on:  www.boondoggle.eu & www.havasboondoggle.co.za



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