Learn about slack – a cloud-based team collaboration tool

craig-hannabus    Are you a late or early adopter?

We’ve all been dragged into the new world of a business social network called Slack.

According to Craig Hannabus, HAVAS Johannesburg Digital Content Strategist, Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that has become one of the most used tools across businesses worldwide.

With e-mail soon to be a thing of the past and HAVAS Boondoggle have used the platform since its inception.

This has resulted in the team cutting their emails in half.

Hannabus has shared some key insights on slack including:

  1. Internal mails

Our internal e-mails have dropped to zero.

The only time we resort to e-mail is when we have to talk to people that don’t use Slack. That’s a time saver.

  1. Chat platform 

Slack is a chat app on steroids. This means that you can create groups, share inspiration and generally connect with your co-workers on any work-related topic.

Why is that good?

Well, it cuts down meetings substantially because if I want to know what’s happening on RB, I just visit the RB channel on Slack.

  1. Sharing files

As soon as you complete working on a project and need someone to have a quick look at it.

Then Slack will be ideal for sharing files, obtaining feedback from client in real-time.

  1. Is it better than e-mail?

Slack prevents users from typing lengthy paragraphs. It’s conversational. It can also categorise past chats – making it easier to find information.

  1. It has bots

Slack has all kinds of add-ons. One of these add-ons is bots. We’ve got one that searches the web for new stuff and shares it with us in a special channel.

So you now want to join the movement?

For more information log on: https://havaswwsa.slack.com